Easy-to-use Fintech Infrastructure That's Making Finance More Secure

MatterFi develops new security infrastructure for software/hardware wallets and custody systems, providing safe, accessible, and trustworthy financial rails with convenience inspired by legacy finance apps.

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Our advanced software let's all traditional and digital assets work together securely and effortlessly, making them easier to use and speeding up global adoption.

We're not just offering top-notch security with user-friendly interfaces, we're building a future where any asset can go digital and unlocking the enormous potential of consumer and institutional finance.

Our users

  • Don’t need to understand crypto addresses, they can just “send to a name”
  • Directly control assets both on chain and in custody systems with their wallets
  • Can swap assets with other users worldwide with the assurance of cryptographically proven KYC/AML
  • Can easily prove their identity and their funds to institutional counterparties
  • Despite the ease of use, don’t need to worry about their privacy as its cryptographically guaranteed

Crypto has a problem

In recent years, the world of cryptocurrency has been marred by a series of high-profile hacks and security breaches that have cast a shadow over the industry.

The fear of becoming another victim of a major hack has deterred many potential crypto investors from adding digital assets to their portfolio.

MatterFi has the solution

We’re a security-focused, foundational layer for financial services to build into the crypto ecosystem, giving those organizations access to all the key services they’ll need to enable them to quickly build compliant, secure and trusted services.

The MatterFi Convergence Engine operates on 6 key principles which ensure connectivity, usability and complete security for both on and off chain transactions.



Our Tech

The MatterFi technology stack enables fast and economical build and roll-out of secure services for projects of all sizes.


Highly decentralized, patented, open-source, secure and auditable cryptographic services.


Secure, private, multi-coin reusable payment codes and KYC/AML identity management.


Robust crypto solutions platform for mobile and desktop devices with connected hardware.


Proprietary PnP servers that implement your fintech functionality on and off chain.


State of the art Hardware Wallet supporting distributed security via 100% cryptographic proofs.

How we stack up

See how our features compare with some of the leading wallet solutions in the crypto space. Tap the switch competitor button to change the current selection.

Feature comparison
All Chain, Token, NFT, etc.
Self Sovereign Identity
ETH only
Institutional KYC/AML
Send to Name
Automated Privacy
Addr AutoGen
Off-Chain Cryptographic Engine
Affordable Wallet Card w/VISA
Hard Wallet w/Screen
End-to-end Encrypted Chat
100% always on
Institutional Custody - Client Hosted
Institutional Custody - SAAS
Institutional Custody - HSMs
can use Phoenix
Whitelabel Possible

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